Our Beer


Dark Czech Lager

4.6% ABV

Floor-malted Bohemian pilsner supports caramel and roasted malts in this rich and spry dark lager. Expect impressions of cocoa powder, toffee, and cookie dough on a crisp and snappy body. Enjoy!

All-American Burger

California-style IPA

7.35% ABV

All we need is some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and we’re fine. Dry, clear, bitter, delicious.

Curd & Loaf

Brettanomyces Saison

6.3% ABV

We co-pitched Brett and our favorite Belgian ale yeast, then let this farmhouse beer develop slowly in our stainless Saison tote. The result is an alchemy of fermentation that elicits flavors of lemons, peppercorns, and fresh hay warming in the sun from a simple recipe of malt and hops. Enjoy it with a plowman’s lunch!


Farmhouse Ale

7% ABV

Saison fermented in stainless and then aged with our house mixed culture for one year in a neutral oak barrel

Enologica 2022

Wild Ale Brewed with Wine Grapes

7.6% ABV

A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Grenache grapes aged on our Foederbeer in second-use Pinot Noir wine barrels for 18 months.

falcons cannot hear


8% ABV

Flavors of peach and pineapple juices woven into a dreamy texture, finishing with just enough bitterness to remind you it’s an IPA.

Fountain of Gold

Belgian Pale Ale

5.9% ABV

Bottle conditioned with Brettanomyces bruxellensis on 1/19/22. Herbal sweet tea on the nose leads to a dry, spicy, refreshing sip. This is our tribute to one of the world’s finest beers, and we’re happy to share it with you on Orval Day 2022!


German-style Lager

5.4% ABV

Helles is one of the most elegant and beguiling styles of beer ever conceived. We love it dearly and you should too. Bright, clear, beer-flavored beer.

Just Add Baguette


4.6% ABV

Our house Grisette bottle conditioned.



Malty and satisfying, yet still risp and refreshing enough to drink by the half liter

Melts into Air

California-style Pilsner

5.6% ABV

We took pilsner malt and some rice flakes, then T-90 hop stood, incognito-hop dipped, Spectrum-hop oiled, and Cryo-DDH dry hopped for good measure, all while listening to Pet Sounds on repeat. Voila, California Pilsner!

Observer and Observed

BBA Imperial Stout

13.5% ABV

A blend of two stouts, one aged for two years in Elijah Craig 12-year bourbon barrels, the other for one year in Willet bourbon barrels. This is a big, rich, luxurious beer that pairs best with bottles shares and good company.


English Porter

5% ABV

Our collaboration English Porter with Transient Artisan Ales out of Bridgman, Michigan. Pouring through our beer engine the way the English truly intended it!

Press – Blackberry Hibiscus

Hard Seltzer

4% ABV

Press – Pomegranate Ginger

Hard Seltzer

4% ABV

RTB Lager

Light Lager

4.4% ABV

Here’s an easygoing testament to the power of simple, quality ingredients brewed with care. Enjoy!

RTB Zwickel

Unfiltered Bohemian Pils

5.25% ABV

If you like lager this is your beer. Zwickel as a style encompasses any unfiltered European lager, offering the closest thing to a backstage pass you can get without joining the brewers’ tribe. This one is based on a Bohemian-style Pilsner- malty, spicy-saazy, and lightly yeasty. It’s gorgeous, fresh, and we worked really hard not to drink it all!

Single Barrel Stout

BBA Imperial Stout

12.5% ABV

Collaboration stout with Spears Bourbon and Burgers in Wheeling, IL. Rich Imperial Stout aged for one year in a single Maker’s Mark barrel


Kolsch-style Ale

5.2% ABV

The German yeast we used imparts delicate fruity notes, and the German malt and hops offer up sensations of warm bread and wildflowers

The Birth of Venus

Oyster Stout

5.3% ABV

Collab with The Argonaut. Old school dry stout with present minerality and apparent roast. No, it does not taste like oysters.

Thither They Return

Franconian-style Rotbier

5.4% ABV

Returning by popular demand (from Lane and Ryan) this Franconian-style Rotbier is a beautiful thing. If roses are not rot (and they certainly are in Franconia, Germany), you just know this lager is as malty, beguilling, and crisp as violet is blue! Hardee har, right!?

Tuba Solo

Hazy IPA

7.35% ABV

Our award-winning, Best-in-Beer, Hazy IPA is back on draft!

Warbler Vivant

Dark Mild

3.5% ABV

This Dark Mild Ale pairs nicely with easygoing sessions and comfy sweaters. It presents malty notes of chocolate, breadcrust, toffee, nuts, and red fruits. Flavorful yet as well mannered as the style suggests, we hope you enjoy it now and again. 

Wine & Cider


Rosé | 2 Fools Cider

Cider - Rosé 6.9% ABV

Dry | 2 Fools Cider

Cider - Dry 6.9% ABV

Hard Seltzers

Press – Blackberry Hibiscus

Hard Seltzer 4% ABV

Press – Pomegranate Ginger

Hard Seltzer 4% ABV



Buffalo Stampede Snack Mix

Buffalo Stampede starts with the bold flavor of our buffalo-flavored peanuts known as Buffalo Nuts. From there, we up the flavor with everything sticks, butter toasted peanuts, hickory smoked almonds, and guacamole bites.

Happy Hour Snack Mix

Full of flavor with butter toffee peanuts, Cajun hot corn sticks, rice snacks, wasabi peas, roasted and salted almonds, mustard pretzels, roasted and salted pecans, and roasted and salted cashews.

Signature Popcorn from Long Grove

Choose from Chicago Pizza, Perfect Duo (cheese and caramel) or Buffalo Cheddar! Grab a bag and try out this delicious, hyper-local popcorn!


A GIANT pretzel paired with nacho cheese and Dusseldorf mustard. The perfect snack to enjoy alongside your beer!


Filbert’s Craft Soda

Cola, Diet Cola, Cream Soda, Lemon-Lime, and Root Beer


While we do have snacks, we understand that some may like a full meal. That’s why we encourage you to order from one of the many local establishments. We have menus on hand. Please ask. Most deliver.

Hungry Mule


Sushi Kushi 4 U


Dipiero’s Pizza


Jersey Mike’s




Our Taproom

Our 90 seat taproom features a live-edge bar, multiple seating areas including long communal tables, a cozy fireplace lounge, and an open view to our brewery. The lounge is available to reserve for parties of 20 or less and we will consider requests for 12 or more in the taproom. Please contact for more information.