COVID-19 restrictions have lifted, which means our taproom is now open inside! We are currently allowing 25 people total inside with tables of 4 or less. Please continue to wear a mask when you’re not at your table.

If you rather reserve a bubble in our biergarten or order beer to go, click the links above for more information! See you soon.

– Lane & Beth

Our Beer

Alpha Snap

West Coast IPA

7.3% ABV

 Expect dank vibes interwoven with citrus, peach, and even hints of passion fruit. Hopped with Columbus, Simcoe, Centennial, Strata, Chinook and Citra.

Candy Squeeze – Mango, Pineapple, Milk Sugar & Vanilla

IPA - Imperial / Double Milkshake

8.0% ABV

This luscious beverage is something you might enjoy sitting at a bar in the middle of a swimming pool. It’s unabashedly fruity, rich, and decadent.

Double dry hopped with Mosaic, Sultana and Citra.


Easy Hour

German-Style Altbier

4.9% ABV

 We’re excited to serve this classic in the traditional Stange glass (pronounced ‘shh-tang-uh’) just like they do in Düsseldorf! Alt is a dry, firmly bitter, and malt-forward ale with hints of toasted bread crust and noble hop spice. Prost! 



7% ABV

We brewed this farmhouse ale with barley and rye and fermented it in stainless steel before transferring it into neutral-oak wine barrels. It spent a year mingling with our house mixed cultures before being bottled by hand. Enjoy it in a rustic frame of mind!

Enologica – Bordeaux

Vintage 2020 – Bordeaux Blend

8.5% ABV

A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Petit Verdot grapes fermented and blended with our house foederbeer and aged one year in French oak. The sip is tart, lightly tannic, and surprisingly supple.

Enologica – Zinfandel

Vintage 2020 – Zinfandel Blend

8.5% ABV

A blend of Zinfandel, Petite Sirah, and Carignan grapes fermented with our house foederbeer and aged one year in French oak. The sip is sweet, tart, and juicy. 

Every Secret Thing

American Wild Ale

6.5% ABV

A tart and lively expression of our mixed fermentation program, this blend offers layers of candied citrus, cellar funk, and bright acidity. Enjoy now or allow it to evolve in the bottle for several years. Serve in a tulip at 50F with good friends, fresh bread, stinky cheese, and salty snacks!

Ex Libris


7% ABV

We filled our 20-barrel foeder for the first time in August of 2017, and have employed the solera system of partial drawdowns followed by refills ever since. Ex Libris 2020 contains a blend of the multiple ‘vintages’ that reside in the foeder, all of which have been variations on blonde saisons. Expect a tart yet supple wild ale with notes of lemon custard, hay, burnt rubber, barnyard, and apricots.

Fortunes of Starlings


7% ABV

We brewed this farmhouse ale with barley and rye and fermented it in stainless steel before transferring it into neutral-oak wine barrels. It spent a year mingling with our house mixed cultures before being bottled by hand. Enjoy it in a rustic frame of mind!

Fraction of The Sun

Hazy IPA

7.3% ABV

English and German malted barley, oats, and wheat gently support a double dose of fancypants hops. The sip begins with the illusion of sweetness, the hops expressing candied citrus and tropical fruit-salad vibes. Beneath those treble notes thrums a soft, bready malt richness. The finish drops the ruse of sugary fullness and immediately demands another sip.

Fruit Shop – Pineapple Mango Coconut

Fruited Gose

3.8% ABV

 Our Gose turned thick and pulpy with an insane amount of fruit purée, milk sugar and vanilla.



5.1% ABV

 This beer is hard for us to sell, being sorely tempted to drink it all ourselves. The synthesis of German malt, hops, and yeast is awesome and delicious! 



5.4% ABV

 If our strip mall had a cellar, this is the beer we’d be drinking there, straight from the tank. But we make do. This unfiltered lager is creamy and crisp, sweet but dry, and best served sequentially. Prost! 



4.9% ABV

 Here is a time machine that doesn’t require a flux capacitor. In each sip we can taste the midwestern summers of our misspent youth. Pair this beer with some fond memories of your own! Hopped with Hallertauer Mittelfrueh and Saphir.

Snap Line

Crispy Pale Ale

5.1% ABV

 Another dry and brightly bitter beer that blends facets old and new. This one features Enigma, Lotus, Styrian Wolf, and Sultana. It conjures hints of strawberries, melon, noble hop spice, and floral tones.

Spend It As A Shadow

Oat Stout

5.5% ABV

 This is a dark and roasty ale that drinks dry like we like a drink to drink at RT. If you like to enjoy your portion under the sun, this stout’s for you.

Sunburnt Mirth 2019

Imperial Milk Stout

11.5% ABV

 Brewed with milk sugar and conditioned on toasted coconut and Tahitian Vanilla beans, it’s rich and thick, sweet but surprisingly drinkable, and features notes of macaroon, chocolate fudge, and vanilla cream pie.

Sunburnt Mirth 2020 – Mole

Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Mole Milk Stout

13% ABV

This gargantuan slumbered 14 months in Heaven Hill casks. We then conditioned it on Vietnamese cinnamon sticks, ancho and guajillo chiles, Ugandan cacao nibs, and Madagascar vanilla. It offers waves of fudge, pepper spice, and warm cinnamon.

Threefold Cord

English Barleywine

10.8% ABV

A strong, rich sipper with notes of caramel, toffee, toasted grains, and dark fruit backed by a firm floral bitterness. As it warms in your glass, so will you!

Whirlycaster – Brambleberry

Sour IPA with Raspberry, Blackberry, Meyer Lemon, Milk Sugar, Vanilla & Rose Hips

7% ABV

This cocktail of a beer is packed with flavors and aromas of jammy bramble fruits, tart lemon custard, and floral perfume. Enjoy it in good company and high spirits! Double Dry-Hopped with Mosaic! 

Whirlycaster – Passion Fruit, Blood Orange, Guava

Sour IPA with Passion Fruit, Blood Orange, Guava, Milk Sugar, Vanilla & Coconut

6.8% ABV

This beer is tart and fruity with the classic tropical blend of P.O.G. We then let it condition on toasted coconut flakes for that big beach-vacation vibe. Kick up your feet! Double Dry Hopped with El Dorado!

Secret Beach


5.6% ABV

Our take on the classic Bavarian wheat beer, a grain bill of malted wheat and barley with a pinch of light crystal provides the simple canvas on which the essential yeast strain works its magic. Notes of banana bread and clove mingle with a soft, creamy body.

Hype Curious

English Mild Ale

3.4% ABV

This proper English real ale features notes of dark fruits, pumpernickel, and baking chocolate.

Wine & Cider


Rosé | 2 Fools Cider

Cider - Rosé 6.9% ABV

Dry | 2 Fools Cider

Cider - Dry 6.9% ABV

Hard Seltzers



Signature Popcorn from Long Grove

Choose from Cheesy Bacon, Perfect Duo or Sriracha! Grab a bag and try out this delicious, hyper-local popcorn!

Happy Hour Snack Mix

It’s the happiest hour of the day and this mix is the perfect match.

Buffalo Stampede Snack Mix

The smoky and spicy snack mix you’ve been searching for.

Epic Maple Bacon Pork Cracklings

Part meat part rind, cracklings have a harder and crispier bite than a pork “rind”.

Roaring Table Nuts

Sweet, savory and spicy go together nicely in this unique nut mix.

Fresh Cheese Curds

Delivered weekly from Cedar Grove Cheese outside of Madison. Our heart is in Wisconsin, so we love squeaky cheese curds, we hope you do too!

Epic Pork Rinds

Pork skins are the perfect crunchy salty snack to enjoy with beer or wine.

Gnarly Knot’s Giant Pretzel

A GIANT pretzel paired with nacho cheese and creamy mustard. The perfect snack to enjoy alongside your beer! 


Filbert’s Craft Soda

Cola, Diet Cola, Ginger Ale, Orange Cream, Sparkling Lemonade, and Root Beer


While we do have snacks, we understand that some may like a full meal. That’s why we encourage you to order from one of the many local establishments. We have menus on hand. Please ask. Most deliver.



Franco’s Pescheria


Dipiero’s Pizza


Pizza Factory


Jersey Mike’s


BBQ’d Productions


Our Taproom

Our 90 seat taproom features a live-edge bar, multiple seating areas including long communal tables, a cozy fireplace lounge, and an open view to our brewery. The lounge is available to reserve for parties of 20 or less and we will consider requests for 12 or more in the taproom. Please contact for more information.